Monday, March 2, 2009


My name is MZ , Im here with Rotary My cribs in nancy avec Kevin et Danby On ROCK Asia Wok tout les Mercredi Heres a morseau of advice JAMAIS FUCK WITH ME! Some people think that the French really stink They take the Euro shower quand Sarcozy is in power America is poor in the middle of a war But here I am in France I be poppin caps in Nance No Drinking No Driving No Dating No Drugs Those who follow rules are the nations hardest thugs! Theres no one like us Tait toi, dont make a fuss Rotary is strong All you bitches sing along

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Stephanie Wilson - dating game Lily

this is a mini sitcom I have created for you tube called "THE DATING GAME" this is my first character Lily......enjoy!! xx

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Freshmen dating

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jemi AND Nelena Series Ep.12

~Demi Arrives At Her School, And Selena Is There~ Demi: Hey Sel Selena: Hey Dem. How Was Your Stay?? Demi: Do You Always Have To Get Straight To The Point? Selena: When It Comes To Friends, Yes, It Does. Demi: Ok You Ready? Selena: *Nods* Demi: Nothing.Happened. *Smiles* Selena: You're Lying Demi: *Scoffs* I Am Not Selena: Demi, I Know When You Lie! You Turn Pink , And Your Voice Is Unaturally Loud.(A/N: Got Tht From That's So Raven) Demi: *Voice Loud* But I'm Telling The Truth! Selena: No You're Not! So Tell Me. Demi: Ok-You Got Me. Selena: Go On. Demi: Well We Uh...Kissed. I Think We're Dating Now. Selena: Awww....... Demi: Speaking Of Joe Have you Seen Him? Selena: Yeah He Was In The Cafeteria ~Joe and Nick Walk Up~ Joe: No. He's Right Here. Nick: And Nick Is Right Here. Hey Sel Selena: *Acting Girly When She Shouldn't Be* Hey Nick Demi: Hey Joey. Joe: How Have You Been? Demi: Good *Bell Rings* Demi: Ooh, I Gotta Get To Class. Bye *Gives Joe A Peck On The Cheek* Nick: Can We Talk For A Sec? Selena: Sure. What's on Your Mind. Nick: Well, I Can't Really Say But- Selena: Oh, Come On You Know You Can Tell Me. Nick: One Thing That's Been On My Mind This WHOLE Weekend Is, You. Selena: *Gasps* Really? Nick: Yeah. You're The Only Girl I Care For Selena: Ditto. Nick: Will You Be My Girlfriend?? Selena: Yes!! Nick: *Gives Selena A Quick Peck On the Lips* Great. See You In Class.

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Dating Service- Chanel

My girlfriend answering the questions.

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Troy Dizon, 3 and a half weeks in

Troy shows off his muscles, 3 and a half weeks into his training!

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

dating edward

Edward wants a date! Would you date him?!?! ...

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