Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jemi AND Nelena Series Ep.12

~Demi Arrives At Her School, And Selena Is There~ Demi: Hey Sel Selena: Hey Dem. How Was Your Stay?? Demi: Do You Always Have To Get Straight To The Point? Selena: When It Comes To Friends, Yes, It Does. Demi: Ok You Ready? Selena: *Nods* Demi: Nothing.Happened. *Smiles* Selena: You're Lying Demi: *Scoffs* I Am Not Selena: Demi, I Know When You Lie! You Turn Pink , And Your Voice Is Unaturally Loud.(A/N: Got Tht From That's So Raven) Demi: *Voice Loud* But I'm Telling The Truth! Selena: No You're Not! So Tell Me. Demi: Ok-You Got Me. Selena: Go On. Demi: Well We Uh...Kissed. I Think We're Dating Now. Selena: Awww....... Demi: Speaking Of Joe Have you Seen Him? Selena: Yeah He Was In The Cafeteria ~Joe and Nick Walk Up~ Joe: No. He's Right Here. Nick: And Nick Is Right Here. Hey Sel Selena: *Acting Girly When She Shouldn't Be* Hey Nick Demi: Hey Joey. Joe: How Have You Been? Demi: Good *Bell Rings* Demi: Ooh, I Gotta Get To Class. Bye *Gives Joe A Peck On The Cheek* Nick: Can We Talk For A Sec? Selena: Sure. What's on Your Mind. Nick: Well, I Can't Really Say But- Selena: Oh, Come On You Know You Can Tell Me. Nick: One Thing That's Been On My Mind This WHOLE Weekend Is, You. Selena: *Gasps* Really? Nick: Yeah. You're The Only Girl I Care For Selena: Ditto. Nick: Will You Be My Girlfriend?? Selena: Yes!! Nick: *Gives Selena A Quick Peck On the Lips* Great. See You In Class.

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