Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Broken Down Bus Chapter 10

missdramaqueenprince is Katie cpwlvr121314 is Alexis NEW CHARACTER!!!: iluvdogs1212 is Candice 1 week passed, and it was back to school for Katie and Alexis. Alexis was starting grade 12, and Katie was starting grade 10. During the morning, Katie couldn't concentrate on her math or biology. She couldn't stop think about Nick. she couldn't wait til he called sometime today. He had said maybe at lunchtime the day before.. Meanwhile, Alexis couldn't stop thinking about Kevin. He had kissed her hand, and they had talked every night since they said goodbye. Alexis was sure she was in love. Kevin was SO sweet. He told her that he wished he could talk to her all day.. At lunch time, Alexis and Katie went down to the cafeteria to eat their lunch. They sat down with their other friend Candice. Katie was silent, as Candice started going into a covo on how Nick Young had asked her out during the summer. Nick... Nick Jonas... Nick... Katie.. Katie.. Candice: Katie.. Katie.. Katie!!! Katie looked up. she had one into a daydream. Candice: what's with you? Alexis: She's lovesick. Katie looked at Alexis. Candice would never believe that she was going out with Nick Jonas. Why did Alexis have to blab about EVERYTHING??? Candice: oooo!!! did a guy ask you out??? Alexis: oh ya... they kissed too. Candice: kissed??? Oh my god!! me and nick haven't kissed yet, and we started going out last month.. who is it??? tell me!! Alexis: it's- Katie: you're not going to believe us. Candice: what do you mean? Alexis: she's dating Nick Jonas. there was silence. Candice stared at Alexis, then at Katie, then Alexis again. Then she burst out laughing. Candice: (laughing) Nick... Jonas??? HAHAHAHA!!! no seriously who is it?? is it Drake? He's hot!! Katie: see.. i told you that you wouldn't belive me. Aleixs: but it's true!!!! and me and Kevin are... kinda together.. he hasn't asked me out yet. Candice: if you tell me how this happened, maybe i'll believe you. Alexis and Katie explained how Katie's mom had fixed the bus, and how they had met the brothers. Candice: i'm sorry guys, but i know your joking. Alexis rolled her eyes. Suddenly, Katie's phone rang. She almost dropped her apple as she grabbed her phone from her purse. Alexis: i bet it's Nick!! Candice: i bet it's not... that's a joke.. right?? Katie: hello? Nick: hey, Katie!! Katie: NICK!! Candice stared at Katie. This was a joke.. right? Nick: oh my god i've wanted to talk to you since i hung up last night. Katie: me too... so where are you now? Nick: we're in Texas, we're doing a show tonight. It's our lunch break now. Katie: I miss you so much, Nick... stupid tour.. Nick: (laughing) i'll be back in 2 weeks, Katie. and as soon as I see you, I'll make up for all the days i was gone. Katie: (giggles) your so sweet. Candice was starting to believe this.. if she could only talk to the guy on the phone.. to see if it was really nick.. Candice: Can I talk to him? Katie looked up at Candice, and said to Nick: Katie: ummm.. Nick, how's Joe? Nick: lonely.. he doesn't have a girl to talk to like we do. why? Katie: lonely huh? Candice smiled at Katie. Joe was Candice's fave bro. Nick: ya. Katie: do you think my friend, Candice could talk to Joe? Nick: sure.. bye then. I'll call you tonight. Katie: ok, Nick. Bye. She passed the phone to Candice. Joe: hello? Candice: is this Joe Jonas? Joe: yes it is and what can i do for you? Candice covered the phone and silently screamed. Then she talked. Candice: ummm... well, i'm Katie's friend Candice, and I heard that you were lonely so I thought maybe... we could talk? Joe suddenly sounded excited. He jumped right into converstaion. When Candice was finished talking to Joe, she hung up. Candice: wow.... wow... oh wow... wow... Alexis: so do you believe ua now? Candice: YES!! this is amazing i- hey!! where did you get that necklace? it's beautiful!! Candice pointed to the gold hearted pink worded chain that was around Katie's neck. Katie: oh this? Nick gave it to me. Candice: oh wow!! The bell rang for the end of lunch. Candice went off to her grade 11 class, and the others went to their classes. ***********VIP READ THIS RIGHT NOW OMG************** Please, please watch two of my favorites called "The greatest Adventure: You don't know how to use a goatskin" , and "The Greatest Adventure( The only way to win...) THEY ARE VOICE OVERS, AND WERE MADE BY JB BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS!!! It's mostly Kevin and Joe, but i think Nick does most of the sound effects. The acount is kevinjonas, and it seriously was used by Kevin before they became the jonas Brothers. NOW, PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS VIDEO,AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF THEIR VIDS!!! PLEASE!!! I NEED AT LEAST ONE COMMENT ABOUT THOSE VIDEOS,BEFORE I POST ANOTHER VID!!! SO WATCH THEM AND COMMENT HERE!!! WOOOOOOOO!!! ALSO, TELL ME YOUR FAVE PART OF THEIR VIDEOS. That is all. lol. NOW DO IT!!!!

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