Sunday, February 22, 2009

Falling Back In Love -- 1/5

READ READ READ This is a new short story I have decided to do. There will only be 5 episodes in it. Summary: Kyle and Isabella have been dating for two years and love each other more then anything. One day they decide to skip school to have a pinic together. They get in a car crash, and Bella looses her memory. Now it's up to Kyle to help remember their love, so they can fall back in love. I hope you guys enjoy this new short series, and tell me what you think on every episode. and i know the first one isn't very good or long, but i promise it will get better. xD ~Kathy p.s. Fighting for Love will be on hold until this story is complete, unless you comment a lot on the last episode of that series. **I do not own the songs**

Author: kixtoby

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