Friday, February 20, 2009

TREDFOR Dating To Marriage Video

This is our Midterm project for Tredfor under Sister Lerma. Anyways, it's supposed to be about Marriage, Commitment, Dating, Courtship and Stuff like that. Anyways, this was the best that we can do at the time-- considering that we only had a week to plan for it and a day to do it. It was shot on Feb 18, 2009 from 8-10am and edited at the same day from 9pm that night to 12:30 the following day... hahahaha this video was super crammed, seeing as that my team was busy with thesis stuff and my other group mates were from different circles. We all had different schedules and this was during midterm week-- soo super hectic, ictproj, methods and other thesis courses combined pa-- sooooo really, this was below the top prioritized tasks to do.. :) I used sony vegas and yes i am aware that there are typographical errors in the video--- syempre gawa ng puyat. hahaha Credits: Director/Editor - Moochie Screen Play and Behind the scenes stuff - Chris, Ting Actors: Jenny So Don Yang Bryan Yu Joey Valinton Robin Ribon TIng Ru Wu Christopher Tan (omitted during editing) Moochie De Guzman (omitted during editing)

Author: moochieloves

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