Friday, February 13, 2009

Hotties and Nerds s2 ep. 27 (jemi,nelena,kanielle)

With jemi: demi:*painfully sad & mad* Wanna bet!?!!! *kicks him on the leg & runs downstairs & sees nickB & hugs him* heeey!! nick!! nickB:*kisses her cheek* hey demi..*sees joe running fast downstairs* hi joe..*waves at him* joe:*glares at him & demi* i'll just leave..*about to leave* uncleBenji: why don't you stay for lunch? *smiles* joe:no, it's okay.. uncleB:but i insist!! *pleads* joe:*feels guilty for saying no to an old man who's nice to him & smiles* okay..*follows UncleBenji* at the table: zanessa:*sitting together* talyson:*sitting together with zanessa* nelena:*sitting across talyson* dallas:*sitting with demi across chace* chace:*sitting with vanessa across dallas* nemi:*sitting with nelena & dallas* demi:*uncomfortable because she's sitting between nickB & joe* where's the salad? uncle: before we eat, we must wait for you aunt julita.. demi:*mutters*why does she have to be so late!?!! AUntJ:I"m home!! From France!! *drops her bags when she saw demi,sel,&dallas* oh my goodness!! My girls have grown into beautiful ladies!! *hugs them tight* seL:*squished* EEgh!! *squeaky voice* i'm squished!! nick:*laughing really hard* gang:*laughs also* auntj: & who are you people? zanessa:I'm zachary efron, but you can call me zac ..& i'm vannessa, but you can call me Vanny or V.. nick:I'm nicholas jonas, but you can call me Nick, & i'm sel's boyfriend..*smiles* auntJ:*smiles* how wonderful for sel to have a handsome boy *pinches his cheeks* nick:*smiles at her, turns around & shows everybody a painfaul funny look* ooww.!! gang:*laughs* kanielle:i'm Paul kevin jonas, but you can call me kevin..And i'm daniella deleasa, but you can call me dani..&we're getting married! auntiJ: oh such a lovely couple..*hugs them* talyson:I'm taylor lautner..*gets cut off* auntj:*puzzled* a girl's name? why a girl's name? are you gay? taylor: *surprised of what she said* oh no!! if i am, i won't be dating aly.. aly: *laughs* hi, i'm alyson stoner, but you can call me aly.. auntj:*relieved* oh i'm so sorry taylor..*laughs* come here *hugs taylor & aly**turns to joe* & you are? joe: oh i'm joseph jonas, but you can call me joe..Nick & kevin are my brothers..*smiles & looks down* kev&nick:*goes to him* yeah we're brothers..*pats him* auntJ:*notices something wrong when she sees jemi looking at each painfully* okaay..*smiles* So are we having lunch or what? gang:*laughs* of course..*goes back to their seats* joe:*just doing what he's doing, leaving people's business* demi:*notices joe, ignoring everybody, puts her hand on his leg* joe:*notices it, but doesn't do anything* demi:*sad, cuz he didn't touch her hand, puts it away* after lunch: AuntJ: are you kids staying here? gang: oh yeah!! taylor: i got 1 question though.. aly:tay not now!! auntJ: it's okay, let him ask.. taylor: how come you didn't ask him*points to nickB* who he is? auntj: oh..*laughs* nick braun, i've known him for a long time, you see when he was little up to now, he always come by & visits us..& no demi & dallas doesn't know.. gang:*surprised* demi:you mean you knew him then? auntJ;yes *rubs her hand on her shoulder* demi:*nods*i see.. auntj:*whispers to demi* you know you should give that boy a chance.. demi:*whispers back* who nick? auntj:no *looks at joe* demi:*looks to where she's looking* but auntie!! *whines* auntJ: look demi, i' know when there's broken relationship when i see one, and that's one..*raises her eyebrow at her* demi:*sighs* okay fine.. oh what's demi gonna do?

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