Monday, February 9, 2009

Got Me Going Crazy (Nick Jonas Love Story) ch. 24

*Nicks POV* Here I lay in my bed with a bottle of beer. With what to do? NOTHING! Instead of drinking I could be spending this night with Leah! But I was too stupid! I was busting my ass trying to think of ways to apologize! I turned on the radio. Youre on the air with Melanie! How can I help you tonight? Maybe Ill ask that lady for advice! I waited for the caller to be done and dialed the number. Youre on the air with Melanie. How can I help you tonight? Yeah, Im in a difficult situation I retorted. What is it dear? You see Then I told Melanie the whole story. Oh I see you forced her to engage in sexual intercourse with you cuz you were drunk? Thats just bad Yeah, I was kinda hoping youd help me, get her back. Because, Melanie, and I really hope shes listening, I need her more than anything. She gives me hope and confidence which prevents me from doing stupid shit. But since shes been gone, Ive been doing ALL the stupid stuff Ive done, in one day! And now Im going insane without her. I just *starts crying* Dont cry sweetie wait thats all the time I have for you today sorry, bye! What the f*ck. Useless lady! I thought about all that Ive said. I looked down and saw my guitar and song lyrics. I looked over the one I wrote about Leah. Going insane I got it! I jotted down everything that came to my mind. The words just flowed through me onto the paper. I read everything over until it was just right. Wow, this really helped. I looked for more paper and started writing more song lyrics. *Leahs POV* I sat on my bed and stared at the stars through my window. A tear rolled down my cheek. I thought about my mom as I looked up to them. Was she watching when I got raped? I really hope not. Then she wouldnt have seen me failing her. The door creaked open and my dad came in. Leah? I have something for you I turned around and saw a gorgeous red prom dress. I got up instantly at the sight of it. Dad I thought I told you I didnt want to go to prom. And besides, its probably the wrong size I looked at the tag. It was exactly my size. But howd you know? I said, looking up at him. Leah, I didnt buy this dress for you Oh so now youre gonna be randomly buying other girls dresses? I refuted. NO... it was your moms dress for prom. We were dating at the time. She kept it to remind her of the best night of her life. She wanted to pass it onto you hoping youd have the finest night of your life in it too I made a shocked expression. Oh then in that case, I cant wear it Why not? Im not fit to wear it Im not good enough He gasped. Sweetie, youre good enough for ANYTHING. Dont you dare cut yourself that short! he exclaimed. Look, wear this dress. She WANTS you to! It would hurt me if you didnt. Darling, you dont realize how much you remind me of your mother He touched my cheek. Ill admit, sometimes it hurts me to look at you, youre the spitting image of her *tears up a little* But itd hurt me even more to look at you if you dont go to prom. I cried just a small bit, I will dad. Ill make you happy! I took the dress and tried it on. I went in front of the mirror. Nick is going to die when he sees me in this! Hes gonna oh yeah I exclaimed. I changed back into my clothes and put the dress n my closet. I sat back down on the bed and stared up at the stars. This time, I didnt cry, I smiled.

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