Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jonas Brothers Love Story Episode 1.

This is my first, so tell me if you like it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kristin- 16, has been best friend with the jonas brothers since she was 5 and has been dating Nick since 11 Shes besties with Kylie and Leighton Leighton- 18, has also been best friend with the jonas brothers since 7 and is dating Joe since she was 13 Shes Besties with Kristin and Kylie Kylie- 20, best friends with the jonas brothers since 9 and is dating Kevin since she was 15 Shes besties with kristin and leighton Jonas brothers- madly in love with there GF's Nick- 16 Joe-18 kevin- 20 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Nick and kristin were in Nicks room Kristin-When are you going on tour again? Nick- uhm... thursday Kristin- and whats today? Nick- tuesday Kristin- ughh. i dont want you to leave again Nick- it was supposed to be a secret, but tonight were gunna ask you guys to come Kristin- AAHHHHH!! (screams really loud at the top of her lungs) Joe runs in with Leighton Leighton- are you okay? (almost out of breath from running up the stairs) Kristin- NO! Nick said we are (nick covered her mouth before she could tell anyone) Nick- who screamed? Joe- Kris screamed (they called her that since she was 5) nick- nooo (ascting dumb) Joe- What. nick- What??? Leighton- okay well im leaving this room, im getting weird vibes Joe- aahha ohh and uhm you two come down stairs we have something to say Nick- okay (joe leaves) Nick-PRETEND I DIDNT SAY ANYTHING!! Kristin- (smiles and rolls of his bed) Nick- Kev and kylie lets go!! Kevin- Why? ( in the middle of a make out) Kristin walks in there Kristin- OHH DEARR GODD!! I DID NOT NEED TO SEE THAT!!!!! Kylie- ahaha (runss up to her and squeeses her sides) why? cant handle it" Kristin- ahaha i think soo (they all sit down on the couch as the brothers make there announcment) Joe- okay so we asked our parents if you could come on tour Nick- and they said yes Kristin smiled at nick and winked, he knew she was gunna say somethinng stupid) Kristin- shatt well that sucks i cat goooo Kylie- WHY!?! Kristin- BECAAUUUSEE its more exciting the first time Leighton- yoou knew? Kristin- what are you talking about? Kylie- well you just said.. nevermind Nick- okay well, if you girls wanna stay the night you can and tommorow well take Kris and Leighton to ask their parents. Kristin- Okay my mom said i could Leighton- same here Kristin well goodnight (kristin went upstairs and got dressed and slipped into bed with Nick) Nick- Kristin?!? ************************ find out next episode what nicks gunna ask!!! DO YOU LIKE IT? IF YOU DONT PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT AND TELL ME IF IT WAS BAD IT WILL GET BETTER BUT I DONT WANNA WASTE MY TIME ON A BAD STORY kayy thankks byeee comment belowwww+++


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