Saturday, February 14, 2009

*Speedpaint* Friends and I's Warrior Cats - The 'Lurve Contest'

In the world of cartoons, cartoon Millie tells cartoons Spottednose, Icepool, Hollowpaw and Creampelt/star that cartoon Me is having a Lurve Contest and need to take their picture in a Room Without Shadows (yes, I forgot to shade). Spottednose has a petal fly on her nose, Icepool sits pretty, Hollowpaw is distracted by an invincible butterfly, and Creampelt is p*ssed cause she had a love that had died and is now disgusted by it. (I just made that up. I'm not Olivia XD) Songs not by me. Warriors (c) Erin Hunter (Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary & Victoria Holmes) Running in the Nineties (c) (Unknown Artist) Dream a Dream (c) Captain Jack Millie- I just said that they were gonna be on a dating show so I could see my master be ripped to cartoony shreds by Creamstar =X

Author: cuddlez54

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