Monday, February 23, 2009

Fall For You {A Joe Jonas Love Story} Chapter 25

love is on its way=amazing! and i guess i have a hate site? go leave some love. ;D 25 commentss Q: Would you rather be stuck in a room with Micheal Jackson or a rattlesnake? ----------------------------------------------------- There was an awkward silence in the car when Joe and I rode home. He kept drumming his fingers on the steering wheel while I looked out the window. My view was a blur until Joe pulled to the side of the road and sighed. Who was that guy at the store? He turned to me and shot me a look. Someone from my past who I dont want to visit again, I stated as I wiped a stray tear. My hands were soon intertwined with Joes as he shifted his body to my direction and stroked my hair. Ashley, you know you can tell me anything. Anything? I turned and sniffed. He just nodded as I began my story, Three weeks after you left, I convinced myself that you werent coming back and that my heart was going to be broken forever. So, I ran off with the wrong crowd and got into somethings I shouldnt have. Thats when I met David. He seemed so nice and comforting when I first met him. Thinking that he was a nice guy, I told him everything. Before I knew it, we were dating. It felt good for a while, having a guy with me, but it wasnt until the last minute when I realized he didnt mean anything to me. He always made me feel so uncomfortable, and I didnt feel right when I was around him. Did hetouch you, Joe asked. Once. The day after he did, I broke it off. And a couple weeks later, I found out that he arrested for drug-handling. So, ever since then, I didnt want anything to do with David or his friends. Joe just kept stroking my hand and listening. And now hes back, I felt a lump starting to grow in my throat, And Im pretty sure he wants me back. Hes not going to touch you. Ever again. **Nicks P.O.V.** Youre doing this all wrong, you know, Rachel raised one of her slim eyebrows and continued mixing cookie dough. Pfft. Im doing this just right, youre the one whos doing it wrong. I teased her as I cracked an egg in another bowl. If you couldnt already tell, I was baking cookies with Rachel. Tomorrow was her dads birthday, and the club was hosting a big party for him. And Rachel and I were assigned desserts. The problem? I couldnt stop staring at her. The way her brown hair fell in her face, the way her nose scrunched up when she was focusing on something; it was all too cute. As I cracked the egg, I kept my eyes on her. Uh, Nick? Ye-yeah? I quickly shifted my gaze elsewhere. I dont think we want egg shells in the cookies. Oh, right.

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