Monday, February 16, 2009

Hot and Cold-Jonas Brothers love story Trailer

This is a story by honestyjonas1. I didnt write it, I just helped her a bit and Im gonna post it for her! Tell her if you like it! :D Trailer!: Miley,Nick,Demi and Selena have always been best friends and it seems like they are very happy the way it goes. But everything is not what it seems. Everyone of them is dating at the time, but Miley is not happy with Cody. She was dating him for three long month now with a bitter thought in the back of her head. She suddenly felt the need to be with Nick a lot more then she was before. The others didnt notice anything. Selena is dating Mitchel right now and they seem like the perfect couple, everyone is happy for them,even Nick who is currently dating Jordan. Nick always liked Jordan, but they just got together one week ago and suddenly Nick feels something about Miley. He doesnt know how to react or what to do about it, because he doesnt want to ruin anything, so he just pretends that he doesnt notice anything. Joe is dating Demi. They have always felt something for each other but they were never sure if the other one feels the same way, so they kept their mouth shut until Selena and Miley tricked them(idk how..use ur imagination) and they got together.. --------- thts just the trailor! :D If you have any questions, comment of mail honestyjonas1

Author: ElizaLuvsU94

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