Thursday, February 5, 2009

the way i love you (5)

Ch.5. :) Ok go listen to this song now also read whats at the bottom. ----------- -kevins pov- Omg wowwww. Shes even more beautiful if thats possible. When Alexis ran into my arms it made everything right again. We decided to go to the park down the street. We were in Jacksonville florida( I dont live there I just chose a place.) and it was july so it was HOT out. Once we got there alexis immediately ran to the swings, she loved playgrounds thats why I made sure I found one before she came. She said she loved them so much because they made her forget all of the problems in her life and just feel like a kid again, I felt the exact same way, with all the stress as the Jonas brothers and press ALWAYS around it was a way to get rid of my problems. People knew my and alexia were dating and most people welcomed it but some fans hated her, but you know, she stuck through it. So I ran over to her and started pushing her on the swing. Alexis: READYYY! So I stopped pushing her and she jumped off the swing. We do this a lot at home, and says she love feeling the rush, and its like flying. Kevin: I think that was the farthest you ever went! Alexis: yeah omg totally. Kevin: this is fun I love parks. Alexis: yeah me too I wish life with always this stress-free. Being with you seems to make all my troubles disappear. Kevin: I couldnt agree more, becided family and close friends oyu the only one who doesnt treat me like a rockstar. Alexis: yeah but ur my rockstar, and if you werent part of the Jonas brothers we would never have met. Kevin: ok well we better get back I need we need to soundcheck then concert, thennnn our date. Alexis: ok lets go. So we walked back to the bus and I quickly kissed her before running off to sound check. -------- i dont really like it, i think its kinda lame... well also sorry its short. 2 more subscribers and i will post 3 chapters that day so pleaseeeeee tell ur friends, and thanks to randomuser098 for mentioning me in ur stories, and u guys she go read hers cuz they r really good. COMMENT/RATE/SUBSCRIBE/TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!! :) xoxo-rachel

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