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Hello Beautiful - Chapter 8 - A Jonas Brothers Story

Chapter 8 of Hello Beautiful. For the full story click here: Happy Valentines Day! *Jonas House* *Joe's in his room* Mom: *knocks on door* Joe: Come in! Mom: Hey Joe, I need to talk to you. Joe: Ya? Mom: Are you still dating that Natalie girl? Joe: Ya why? Mom: I think you should break up with her. Joe: Trust me mom I'm planning on it soon Mom Mom: Ok that's good because she just seemed rude Joe: I know, I realized that now Mom: Ok well see you later Joe Joe: Bye mom *Mom walks out Nick walks in* Nick: Hey Joe, how did talking to Sharliz go? Joe: It went good, I told her I loved her and that I'm not as much of a jerk as she thinks Nick: and....? Joe: She said she'd give me a second chance. Nick: Well that's good. I'm shocked your stupid plan actually worked. Joe: Well I guess it did, and it wasn't stupid. *Kevin's Point of View* Kevin: I gotta call her, I gotta call her *Kevin is pacing back and forth with the phone in his hand* Frankie: Kevin, why are you talking to yourself? Kevin: I'm not Frankie: Ya you were Kevin: No and shhh I'm going to call her Frankie: Call who? Kevin: Chynnah Frankie: Oh let me do it! Kevin: NO Frankie! Frankie: Fine but if you don't I will Kevin: Fine *Kevin dials the phone* ?:Hello? Kevin: Hi this is Kevin, is Chynnah there? ?: Yes she is one second Chynnah: Hello? Kevin: Hey Baby Chynnah: Ugh Kevin what do you want? Kevin: You Chynnah: No Kevin: Do you want to come over to my house for dinner tonight? Chynnah: I don't know... Kevin: Oh come can meet the rest of my family. Chynnah: Fine I'll come. But I'm coming to see Frankie. Kevin: Frankie? Really? Frankie: What? She's coming to see me? Kevin: Frankie get off the other phone! Frankie: Fine...Byee Chynnah Chynnah: *giggles* Kevin: So what time do you want to come? Chynnah: Whatever time is good for you Kevin: Ok 5:00 Chynnah: Ok see you then Bye Kevin: Bye babe...I'll be waiting. *Hang up* Kevin: Man she so wants me. Frankie: Actually I believe she said she wants me. Kevin: Ugh Frankie you better run! Frankie: AH. * Starts running* *5:00* Door: *Ding Dong* Frankie: I'll get it! Kevin: No Frankie! *Kevin answers the door* Kevin: Well hello sexy *Kevin looks and sees the mail person* *Mail man looks at him weird than runs away* *Chynnah is behind him* Chynnah: Well I see your interested in the mailman more than me Kevin: Hey! I thought it was you Chynnah: *laughs* Kevin: Come in *Frankie comes running through* Frankie: Hey Chynnah Chynnah: Well hey Frankie, how are you? Frankie: Oh I'm pretty good, Kevin loveeesss you *Kevin puts his hand over Frankie's mouth* Kevin: Come on Chynnah, let's go meet my mom *Kevin and Chynnah walk into the kitchen* Kevin: Mom this is Chynnah Mom: Well it's nice to meet you Chynnah *Shakes her hand* Chynnah: Nice to meet you too Mom: So I hear you're staying for dinner Chynnah: Yes, Kevin invited me, if that's ok with you Mom: Of course you are always welcome here Chynnah: Ok thank you Kevin: Ok bye mom Mom: Bye Guys *Nick's point of view* Door: *Ding Dong* *Alex opens the door, sees him then closes it* Door: * Ding Dong* Alex: Ugh *opens the door* *Nick is standing there holding a dozen roses* Nick: For you *Alex is speechless* Alex: What are these for? Nick: They're to say sorry for being such an asshole Alex: Wow Nick *takes the roses* Alex: Would you like to come in? Nick: No, I can't I've got to get home for dinner Alex: Ok well I'll see you tomorrow Nick: Yepp, Bye *Alex kisses Nick* Nick: Wow *turns around and leaves, kinda dizzy* *Alex closes the door* *Jonas House* *Nick comes through the door, sees Kevin and Chynnah* Nick: Wow Kevin you got her over here? Kevin: Yes I did Nick: Well I got a kiss from Alex Chynnah: Against her will? Nick: Surprisingly No, not this time Kevin: Wow Shock Nick: Hey Shut up! *Sharliz's Point of View* Sharliz: Thanks for driving me home Chris Chris: No problem, I'll see you tomorrow Sharliz: Yep, Bye *kisses him on the cheek* *walks inside* Sharliz's mom: Sharliz! Someone called for you! Sharliz: Who was it? Mom: Joe Sharliz: Joe? Oh I don't want to talk to him Mom: He said it was important Sharliz: Fine, I'll call him back *Sharliz grabs the phone and calls him* Frankie: Hello? Sharliz: Hi, this is Sharliz, I'm returning Joe's call Frankie: Ok I'll get him....JOE!!! Joe: WHAT!? Frankie: SHARLIZ IS ON THE PHONE! Joe: REALLY? YES! GIVE IT TO ME! Joe: Hello? Sharliz: Hi Joe my mom said you called Joe: Ya, Sharliz I need to talk to you. Sharliz: Ok what is it? *Stay tuned for chapter 9 to see how dinner goes and what Joe needs to tell Sharliz*

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