Tuesday, February 17, 2009

live in the moment chpt 6

recap:Joe:Emma everything will be OK, Nellie stay with Emma I'll be back Emma: Joe, where are you going Joe: to make you safe" Nellie walks to Emma's side Nellie: Emma come on we're gonna get all our stuff and leave Emma: Joe, he went to the park, he's drunk be careful Joe:I'll be back 2 hrs later Emma: Nell where do you think Joe is?" Joe walks in the door Joe: I'm right here Nellie:omg Joe your covered in blood Joe:don't worry it's Chris' " Emma jumped up off the couch and hugged him emma: you scared me half to death i thought you were gonna get yourself killed joe: well i'm pretty tough, um nellie call the police nellie:why joe:chris is locked up in my car emma: wait, bring him in here joe:why emma:i've been taking his crap for a long time. now its my turn joe:ok i'll be right back nellie: are you sure emma" emma points to her face emma: i think its time for some payback joe:ok come on em but be careful" chris struggles in the chair emma: you tied him up where's you get rope joe: um yeah he bought it chris: let me out emma: you know i don't think i will, see i've been taking your crap for 3 long years and it's payback time chris:you deserved every bit of it" emma slaps him emma:shut up, you just wanted to control me and til now it worked but i want a turn to be controlling to make you beg chris:your phycso joe: emma emma: no joe i want him to beg for forgiveness, chris do you remember locking me in a closet or beating me black and blue till my own aunt didn't recognize me . do remember when we first started dating and you toldme all those stories of what your mom did to your dad and how you'd never be that guy well your just like your father chris: no i'm not, i'll never be like him joe: look at her brusies her scares that was all you chris:she deseved it all emma: call the cops cause i'm done being your punching bag, do those words sound familiar nellie:i'm calling the cops joe:emma want the job emma:can nellie come too joe:yes what ever makes you happy emma:chris the funny thing is i really do love you chris:em i love you too and we can start over joe: emma don't we could be together emma: i believe you chris you thought you were protecting me but you were doing it wrong chris: so forgive me , lets start over please

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